How can I become a distributor of Eplanates?

We have a series of products/package, which are branded and available at very affordable rates. So, once you buy any product, company gives you an opportunity to become its distributor.

What are all the products/ package Eplanates deals in?

The lists of all the products/ package along with their rates are mentioned in the Product Package section of the web-site.

How do I open my Global Account?

It's quite easy and convenient. Click on join us option and fill all fields and submit..

How many ID?s can I take on my name?

There is only three Id's valid at One Pan Number.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we have, you can see full detail on oppourtunity / Plan menu.

Do I get the nomination facility?

Yes, you do get the Security Nomination Facility absolutely FREE

How would I get the presentation or the other promotional materials to promote the company and its services?

The standard presentation of the company can be download from the Download section of the website.

How would company help and support me to develop my business?

Company will keep arranging the Business Growth seminars (BGS), and Leaders Creation Programmes (LCP) at different venues in various cities, of which the schedule and information shall be posted on company's website

Is my personal information secure?

Eplanates ensures that your personal information is absolutely safe and secure. Many technical and physical security checks are carried out constantly to ensure only authorized and trusted staff has access to the personal information of our clients and investors. Moreover, we keep our users' personal information on separate servers that are firewall-protected. We also have a team of internet security experts that consistently monitor the security of our servers and all information contained in it.

How can I change my e-mail address, personal information ?

You can mail to , you can get reply within 24 working hours.

I'm not able to log in, my Password does not work, what to do?

Click on Forgat Password link to retrieve your password. The system will mail & sms you new password.